Terms Of Wedding Hire

1. We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £125 per Vehicle which will confirm your reservation.

2. It is your responsibility to ensure Booking Form details are fully completed & accurate – Classic Rentals will not be held responsible for missed collections or connections owing to inaccurate information (such as a wrong postcode). The Booking Form must be approved at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding day.

3. Full payment must be made one calendar month before the date of the hire. Failure to do so may result in our cancellation of the hire.

4. The quotes we send you are valid for 7 days. Any additional changes to your requirements such as an additional journey or changes on the day may incur further charges, including additional trips to / from your ceremony.  As standard we can include up to 2 trips to the ceremony as long as the distance is less than 3 miles, however a longer trip or more than 2 trips will incur additional charges.

5. If you need to cancel your booking, we will need to have your cancellation in writing no later than one calendar month prior to the planned date of hire. Failure to do so may result in the hirer being asked to pay the full amount outstanding.

6. We have a non-refundable deposit policy, however under exceptional circumstances we may refund part of your deposit but this is at our total discretion. 

7. We will supply a partial refund (minus deposit) if your booking has been paid in full and is cancelled with more than 30 days’ notice of your Wedding Day. In this circumstance you must allow 30 working days to receive your refund.

8. If we receive a cancellation with less than 30 days’ notice and the booking has been paid for in full, we will not offer a refund. If your booking has not been paid for and is cancelled within 30 days of your Wedding, we can pursue full payment to cover our costs and business loss.

9. We reserve the right to charge the hirer a minimum of £100 for any breakages or spillages incurred to the vehicle(s) whilst under hire. In the event of body or paint damage to the vehicle/s due to negligence by the hirer or hirer’s party, the hirer is liable for all repairs, to be completed at Classic Rentals approved garages or paint shops.

10. We have made every effort to maintain our vehicles to the highest standard thus ensuring that they are as reliable as possible, however as anyone who knows about old classics will be aware, they can have a life and mind of their mind of their own.

  • Classic Rentals is unable to take responsibility for unforeseen conditions or circumstances which may result in a delay, cancellation or change of vehicle. These conditions include but are not limited to adverse weather conditions, mechanical/electrical breakdown or restricted access.

  • Where a vehicle breaks down before the ceremony every effort will be made for the immediate repair to the vehicle so that the journey can continue, or where possible the hirer will be transferred to another vehicle (not necessarily a Classic Vehicle) so that the journey can continue. Classic Rentals will cover any reasonable additional costs incurred. If onward transportation is not possible to arrange, a full refund will be given.

  • If a vehicle breaks down after the ceremony no refund will be given although we will do everything we can to make sure the bride and groom find transportation to their reception, covering any costs incurred for the hire of another vehicle. We cannot be held responsible for traffic congestion which may lead to late or missed connections en route to your destination. No refund will be given for missed or late connections.

11. There is a strict no smoking policy in the vehicle(s) at all times.

12. Maximum number of passengers in Lola is 6. These are maximums and dependent upon size of passengers and size of the bride and bridesmaids dresses.

13. We will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property or luggage whilst using our vehicles.

14. Due to the age of the vehicles rear seatbelts may not be required. Children under 18 also travel at their own risk and must be accompanied by an adult in the vehicle. Children under the age of 3 years old cannot travel in our vehicles.

15. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused through any accidents, be it our fault or a third party incident.

16. We sometimes like to take photographs on the wedding day of the vehicles, wedding party and guests. We may use these on our website and for our marketing material. If you prefer us not too, that’s fine, just advise us when you confirm your booking.

17. We aim to offer the finest vehicles and in order to do this we continually attend to each vehicle’s needs, both mechanically and aesthetically. This does mean that we make changes to the vehicles from time to time.

19. Classic Rentals reserve the right to cancel a booking.